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Metal Prices 


Open Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. 

Columbia SC, St. Matthews, & RoundO

Allendale hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

We have 4 locations.

Please have Scrap Permit for any NON-Ferrous Material.

Permits can be obtained at the Sheriff's Office free of Charge. 

Vehicle Title or Registration of Vehicle for purchase of Convertors Customers must be the owner of Vehicle.  

You need to go to the Sheriff's Office that is listed on your SCID or SCDL. 

All Junk Vehicles being Scrapped the Owner will need a Valid Driver's License, Registration, Title and will need to Complete an Affidavit for any car over 12 years old without Title or Registration.  If you need Junk Cars picked up or have scrap on your property that you need help getting rid of, give us a call. 

We are taking Aluminum Cans as long as they are Crushed. 




We offer Roll Off Dumpsters for your Scrap Metal. Give us a Call and we can bring one to your location. When you fill it up, we will pick up can and pay you for your Metal.


Aluminum $0.16

Brass $.0.70

Alum Cans (Crushed) $0.40 

Copper #1 Clean (price varies)

Copper #2 (price varies)

Scrap price in Columbia $0.07 

Scrap Price in RoundO & St. Matthews $0.07

Scrap Price Allendale $0.06

Junk Cars St. Matthew & RoundO $0.07 

Junk Cars Columbia starting at $0.085

Junk Cars Allendale $0.07

*Towed in by Edisto deduct $0.02 from Junk Car price. * 

  • If you have COMPLETE CARS... You could get more so give us a call. 

E-scrap $0.10

Alum Rims (Clean) $7.00 

Alum Dirty Rims $5.00

Batteries $0.12 vary by yard.

*Convertors* (Prices may Vary)


*843-538-1566* Call us to day to schedule a pick for your Junk Cars. 

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